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Welcome to your professional photographer in Umeå!

We are EdelPhoto

Edel Puntonet is the founder of EdelPhoto and has worked as a professional photographer in Umeå since 2010. Today Edel is frequently booked throughout Sweden as well as outside the borders for a variety of photo jobs. His strength as a photographer is his energy, creativity and ability to make you as a customer relax, and above all; look great in photos.
Tommi Konu is responsible for bookings at EdelPhoto. It’s him you will meet for scar photography to your insurance company, he also handles more basic photo shoots when Edel is booked up. In addition to this, he also takes care of all administration and image editing. Tommi is called ”perfectionist-Tommi” since he has a sharp eye for details and will not let an image through until both he and you as a customer are 110% satisfied.
Backing Edelphoto is an entire agency in advertising and communication. Our seven co-workers offers a wide set of skills and experience in brands, advertising and marketing. Read more about us here.

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Fotografer Umeå-27

3 November, 2016

Då var det dags igen för lite matfotografering åt Allstar! Man blir alltså alltid hungrig när man jobbar med de :-). Den här gången fotade vi för …Läs mer

Lottas Omsorg webb

Fotograf Umeå-0254

25 October, 2016

Då har vi varit inblandat i en till helt ny hemsida! 🙂 Den här gången var Lottas Omsorg som behövde vår hjälp med fotografering. Och det var …Läs mer

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